Monday, 13 July 2015

inner space

Alas yesterday my angle grinder bit the dust. When I first moved here 2 and a half years ago my first ever visit to an Aldi store I went in to get bread, eggs and cheese and came out with an angle grinder. (Aldi is dangerous that way)

I thought at $29 it might last 6 months and do some of the preliminary light jobs until I could decide on a proper one. Well bless its little heart - it has done everything so far, foundation tube cutting, all of the pre and post welding clean up and every wall panel cut-out bar the final 4.

And what finally stopped it wasn't the motor (around 1140W) but the little button on the wheel locking mechanism to tighten the disks gave way.

So I now have a Bosch. Nice and light, slimmer body so easier to hold. The Aldi one is still useable but changing a disk is a lot fiddlier and time consuming now.

And FINALLY - the last of the wall panels have been removed.

(Blue posts are temporary props until the 2 x 7M beams go up.)

Also - the ducks are back! Most days now they are on and around my dam.
There were 14 there today. I sat within 15 metres of them having my lunch and they were quite unperturbed.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

cutting corners

Another tricky bit of cutting with the angle grinder came next.

After the two corner posts were removed (previous post) I needed to cut into the thick steel boxes on the ceiling that form the 8 corners of every container. This was so that the steel "C" beams could sit flush with and support the top rails.

It took many hours and many disks to cut through, taking small chunks out at a time. The steel was 12-15mm thick in parts.

It's not pretty but it did the job!

Then it was time to put up the 1st beam.

I still need to weld the blue uprights to the container walls, and the beam to the uprights.

Whilst I was doing that, outside Paul planted a dozen rhubarb plants that he had separated from his own garden, as well as mint (after using some pier tube offcuts to form a barrier so their roots don't spread like weeds)