Monday, 11 April 2022


 Finished the planter boxes for the area under the east facade.

Lay sheets of 4mm steel on the bearers. And left it unsealed to rust.

Then I made boxes out of ply and coated them with a rubber membrane to protect them. They sit on a thin layer of gravel and have triangular cutouts along the base to facilitate water drainage. 

The bottom third of the boxes were filled with largish rocks, then a layer of gravel on top to the halfway mark. The gravel will have water permeable textile on top before soil is added. 

Im planning on having native swamp foxtail grass in the planters but need to wait until spring to plant the seeds.

Mushroom time again and there's been so many huge ones I cant cook enough of them! One weighed in at half a kilo and I was able to make mushroom 'steaks' from the cap!

Saturday, 9 April 2022

Solar connection

Solar  panels and battery have at last been installed! The house hasn't been wired yet but I've connected an extension cord through the ceiling from the electrical shed into the house, so can at last boil the kettle etc. 

I've ordered a new microwave and when it arrives on Tuesday I'll bring my 9 yr old one out to the house so during the approaching winter I can make some hot snacks.

If anyone is wondering why this build is taking so long - I calculated my income over the past 7 years since I went back to casual teaching (because my bank balance dropped below $4,000!) has averaged $36,500 a year before tax. 

Out of that I am renting a flat in the nearest town, building this house AND managed to take 3 overseas trips totalling more than 10 weeks! 

So, at the very least, I'm bloody good at economic management 😆

I've also fixed the water run off at the driveway gate which was causing deep ruts to form. 2 tonnes of road base filled the channels.

The 4.5 gate was beginning to drop and drag on the ground when closing the last metre, so a wheel and a buried off cut of steel PFC beam - problem solved!

Currently I'm digging another channel from the solar cable trench down to the water tank to lay an electric cable for the future electric water pump. Then I can backfill the trench.

Sunday, 6 March 2022

Thursday, 20 January 2022

Solar and Ceiling.

Waiting for the solar installation which hopefully will happen soon. (Though Covid supply chain issues could cause a delay.)

In the meantime I constructed the solar panel stand. I was able to reuse steel posts that I already had so only needed to buy some angle iron, concrete and paint.

I also (finally) got around to putting up the back verandah ceiling. 

Sunday, 28 November 2021

Finally Finished the Facade!

 Finally started putting up the facade panels. I've been waiting for this for ages.

Then came the task of epoxying over 1,000 screw holes, sanding them back and giving every panel 2 undercoats and 2 top coats:

Once complete I then cut the vertical slats for the facade from 19mm ply, sanded them and stained them with 2 coats of 'Japanese Black' wood stain:

Both sheds now have their doors and the one outside the kitchen has been lined with insulation as it will house the solar battery and electrical board, as well as my upright freezer (to make more room in the kitchen.)

Current view from the road:

 And view from down the road:

Currently, I am doing quite a lot of work on the veggie garden as it is time for spring planting. Also there is a lot of weed control to do as well over the 25 acres.

I have just bought a 3.1kWh solar system with lithium-ion battery. Now I have to make the solar array ground mounting terrace before it is delivered and installed in late January!

It has been a record breaking wet November - down this way we are about 10mm short of DOUBLING the previous record rainfall for November. 😮 But it has meant it is greening up nicely: