Thursday, 21 November 2013

Oh! - Reservoir (apologies to E F Benson)

I've just had a dam built on my property.

For those of you who have dams, you will understand my excitement!!
For those who don't - I now have a big clay-lined hole in the ground!

I will now drive across the dam wall from the gate to the proposed house site which has conveniently filled in the deep dip in the driveway.

(Specs: 1.5Megalitres or 1.5 million litres
+ 2M deep at centre, and took 15 hours to construct.)

                                          view before starting

                                          finished product

Bring on the rain!!

While I had the big bulldozer on site - I had the driver do a site scrape for where the house will go, plus a 6 sq metre pad for my secondary water tank.

                                          site scrape

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

thistle while you work

Today's land visit was to try out my new weed spray:

Paul came along to show this novice how it's done. He had, up until a couple of years ago, a 100 acre farm and was very used to weed spraying.

On my previous visit I had noticed a lot of thistle beginning to sprout so I thought it prudent to try and get on top of them. (Ouch....)

Spraying was surprisingly meditative and would almost have been enjoyable if it hadn't been for the 26 billion flies that came along to watch.

The responsibilities of owning land - this will be an annual event for as long as I own it!