Thursday, 21 November 2013

Oh! - Reservoir (apologies to E F Benson)

I've just had a dam built on my property.

For those of you who have dams, you will understand my excitement!!
For those who don't - I now have a big clay-lined hole in the ground!

I will now drive across the dam wall from the gate to the proposed house site which has conveniently filled in the deep dip in the driveway.

(Specs: 1.5Megalitres or 1.5 million litres
+ 2M deep at centre, and took 15 hours to construct.)

                                          view before starting

                                          finished product

Bring on the rain!!

While I had the big bulldozer on site - I had the driver do a site scrape for where the house will go, plus a 6 sq metre pad for my secondary water tank.

                                          site scrape