Thursday, 10 April 2014

the snail has moved (a few mms)

After waiting 9 weeks (telling me 4- 6 weeks) - Council yesterday finally approved my Development Application and provided my Building Construction Certificate.

Naturally they have - as after an extremely dry past 9 months it has started to bucket it down!!

One upside is that I finally have some water in my dam and the place is looking green again.

I can finally start moving on the building process.

Cel - ebrate - good - times - COME - ON....... !!


  1. Woohoo, let the fun begin. We just got our occupancy, tons of posts to come with pics, can't wait to see more containers on your end soon!

  2. Congratulations Hannah - I'm really looking forward to an avalanche of photos on your blog It must be so exciting to be at that stage.