Sunday, 3 June 2012

The First Big Step

Well I have finally taken the plunge and bought a block of land.

My first.

It is 25 acres (10.1 hectares) of former sheep grazing land in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia.

It is a little over 2 hours drive south-west of Sydney, about an hour to the capital Canberra and near the city of Goulburn. Settlement occurs on June 22nd.

There is nothing on the land except grass, a few trees and lots of kangaroos!

There is a small rise in the middle which will be a perfect building location and is where the following photos were taken from. The photos have had the effect of pushing the hills much further into the distance than they actually are. Standing in the middle of the land I seemed to be surrounded by gently undulating hills.

There are no services - so water, power and sewerage will all have to be self sufficient.

A dam and water tanks to harvest rainwater, solar power and batteries with generator back up, and a bio/worm treatment/septic system should take care of these!

location map

view south

view north

view east

view west


  1. I really like those designs. I can hardly fathom that much complexity for Annette and myself. But I am totally impressed with your sketchup work. I did use Sketchup for a few things in the beginning... but I am no wiz at it. It sometimes seems hard to STAY simple. With every thought things become more and more complex. From space, to plumbing, electricity... OH boy...

    Anyways, I will be at Ecodale tomorrow getting an assessment on how much it will cost me to get electricity delivered and how I can get it done. So look for those vids.

    What type of terrain will you be looking for? Is it rocky? Mountains? Grassy plains? How is water where you are? Just curious.


  2. Wow what a great idea. I must say I had never thought of building using sea containers. I am surprised at the wonderful designs possible.

    Thanks for the sketch up tips!! That was my very first attempt and I didn't look into it too much.

    Will be following your build with interest!