Sunday, 17 August 2014

builders' equivalent of the rain dance....

...drill your foundations and the rain will come!

After an exceptionally dry first half of August as soon as I drill the 58 pier holes it decids to bucket it down.  (sigh....)

The day of the Dingo - just a big Tonka toy really.

Soil was so dry it wouldn't lift out with the auger.
 So it needed to be dug out by hand.
Getting there:

All done:
All the holes are between 300 and 400mm deep. I was fairly lucky as there were only 3 out of the 58 that I needed to get down and dirty with a crow bar to break up rock.

The weather stayed sunny and almost completely cloud free right up until I emptied the last hole yesterday afternoon.

Today's forecast? 20 -40mm rain.

Next week I need to set and level all the pier tubes and pour the concrete and embed the pier plates before the concrete sets. A few days later my water tank arrives, the septic hole and absorption bed are being excavated and the septic tank installed.

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