Thursday, 16 April 2015

on the fence

Back to the garden fence today. It measures 12m X 5m - so 60 sqm of space. That's 2/3 the size of my current 2 B/R flat!!

First the second layer of hinge joint fencing wire:

Then the chicken wire:

All finished - ready to start preparing the soil so planting can begin in early spring (September).
Also I want to make three compost bays using some of the steel panels cut out of the container walls.

I wish I had discovered this gadget a couple of days ago - a netting clip tool:

It made attaching the chicken wire so easy. The last couple of days I have been cutting and twisting short lengths of binding wire with pliers and my hands are a mess!

The only issue with these little clips is getting them out of the bag individually:

Sort of reminds me of:

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