Monday, 11 May 2015

more budget cuts

Well the engineering issue is resolved. I need to put in two x 7M steel girders and one of 5M.

These are to span the lounge/dining room space and the kitchen so I can remove that corner upright in the picture in the previous post that runs down through the kitchen island.

These beams and the upright supports are arriving next week.

It also means I have to remove the 100mm curtain walling that I left in when removing the walls as the girders need to sit flush with the top rail.

I've also cut through to the last container. So now all are accessible to each other.

Cutting the steel wall panels out is slow and dirty work! Especially when cutting high up over my head. Arms tire quite quickly. And I'm chewing through the cutting disks! But they are cheap, much cheaper than going down the plasma cutter route that I originally planned to do.

I've also used a couple of the panels to make my compost bays. Last week the sun came out, wind disappeared and it was a beautiful warm and sunny late Autumn day.

And I've finished burying the septic. Just needs a little more topsoil so grass can cover most of the lid.

And a couple more photoshop pix of how it will hopefully look like when finished.

Front of house:

Kitchen/Bathroom/Guest room end:

And a bit of fun for those who'd know!

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