Sunday, 28 June 2015

removing a post...

Was up in Queensland visiting friend a couple of weeks ago and I came across this house for sale on the same road that my friends live on!

 It was for sale but I didn't get to have a look inside.

They're spreading like wildfire. I'm in danger of being in a trend!

I've also been away at Paul's for another week and then the second day back from his place, while cutting out steel panels some grinding grit managed to get past my safety goggles and into one of my eyes.

I always work with double filter mask, wrap around eye goggles, ear covers and a beanie as grinder sparks can really sting the scalp!

Got it out, but it led to an eye infection which lasted 10 days! Extremely annoying and made me very irritable!

So I have really only just managed to get back into it.

My early morning arrival is often greeted thus:

They are usually quite put out that I want access to my own land!! But I never tire of seeing them hopping across the paddocks - sometimes in large numbers.

My most recent task was taking out that double corner post that would sit right in the middle of the future kitchen island bench

One of the corner posts came out relatively easily. It was a single piece steel shaped structure.

The second was a stubborn M%$#&!**%!! - F$$!!&@*^!

I used 20 disks to get it out. They kept getting jammed in the cuts and snapping off the central core. It is made from 6mm steel and not 4 like the walls panels.

But finally after about 4 hours straight it fell - and was so heavy the entire container rang like a giant bell!!

You can see in the photo there is a double 'U' shaped beam in the section, one inside the other, which caused all the trouble. (The first corner was not constructed this way.) It is too heavy for me to move outside by myself.

But at least I am getting a sense of the space that is beginning to open up.

(the blue supports are temporary until the cross beam goes in.)

I can now go back to cutting out more wall panels - which are relatively easy compared to the previous task.

I have spent so much time up on the ladder plank:

It has begun to feel like:

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  1. Oh my goodness, waking up to that little herd of visitors! awesome😍 send us some Roos.