Monday, 12 October 2015

tanked up

Spring has arrived with a vengeance with temperatures last week rivalling those of mid summer.

So with a growing veggy garden and a water supply more than 50 metres away (the dam) I needed to make watering the garden a little easier. So I bought an IBC 1000L water tank:

a petrol powered water pump:

and 70 metres of poly pipe:

and made myself a gravity fed water storage container at the head of the garden:

All that is left to do now is buy an adapter to connect a garden hose.

Already it has made watering the veggies so much easier.

My strawberries are already producing little fruits (a couple of more weeks before they are eatable.) The rhubarb and mint are doing nicely, the garlic should be ready in a few more weeks, and I have about 30 capsicums sprouts grown from seed on my verandah waiting for them to get a bit bigger before I transplant them.

Tomorrow I will plant about 20 pumpkin seeds.

 Also the warm weather has meant the thistles are springing up all over the place so I need to keep on top of them (ouch!) to stop them spreading. Already my efforts of the last 2 Springs have dramatically reduced their numbers.

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