Wednesday, 30 September 2015

weld weary

With the engineers issue sorted and the steel cut it was time for me to weld all of the floor and roof steel plates into place.

I tackled the inside first:

There were about 40 of these @ 75x75x6mm. First I needed to run along with the angle grinder and grind off rust and paint. Then I moved onto the roof which needed around 54 pieces of 100x75x6mm plates. Once welded and wire brushed they were all given a coat of coldgal paint (galvanising spray paint.)

Also on the inside I was able to attach the right angle brackets I had made to the steel joist using high tensile bolts. I will probably run a weld around the bracket for extra strength before it is hoisted up and welded into place:

I will wait until Paul is visiting next to put it up - it's just a little unwieldy weighing in at about 72kg. It was difficult enough carrying it from one end of the containers to the other on my own. I don't fancy trying to hoist it up above my head.

Despite having finished all of the tussock spraying I am back out again with the weed spray as it is prime thistle season and the dreaded saffron thistle is rearing it's pretty but obnoxious head!!

Have to be a little more careful now - ran into this little fella (red bellied black snake) the other day while out spraying - he was no trouble as he was quietly warming himself in the early Spring sunshine:

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