Wednesday, 23 September 2015

tussock tussle

With the latest holdup from the engineers sorted I am now waiting for the metal merchants to cut 6mm flat bar into about 80 or so pieces which I can use to weld between the containers on the floor and roof. With a guillotine it should only take them an hour or less. Considerably longer if I tried myself with a cutting blade on my grinder.

So I used the time to start spot spraying my Serrated Tussock grass per the instructions from the council. It was the only mandatory requirement from the weeds and pests inspector.

Tussock is all the light straw coloured clumps in the following photos:

I estimated that about 60% of my 25 acres (10.1Ha) needed spot spraying because of things like the rocks, dam, trees, road, tanks, plantings etc getting in the way. I had a boom sprayer quote for the rest.

So spending several hours each day with my sprayer after a couple of weeks I had covered all the territory I needed to do by hand.

But one of the things that the boom sprayer does is obliterate all greenery on the areas he sprays - everything dies and you're left with bare earth. And the problem with that is one of the first things to come back in the bare soil is thistle. Which then necessitates further spraying.

So I then decided I was going to spot spray the rest of the property.

Which I did.

Tussock after poisoning:

While out there I also covered my strawberry plants with mulch and used some spare chicken wire from a dismantled paddock fence to cover them up:

Current status: itching to get back to the build!!

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