Sunday, 13 September 2015

wombat worry

In case some of you out there in cyberland were concerned about the plight of the Tondelver House wombat(s), I can relieve your anxiety by letting you know at least 3 of the four wombat burrows have been reoccupied.

Also my 'wombat-porn' spy camera caught this laddie/lassie the other night wandering up around the garden:

And he/she looks to be mange free which is a relief.

The camera has also picked up (apart from lots of roos) what seems to be a fox which has appeared on several nights:

And a show off duck giving me his 'best side':

A lovely neighbour has given me access to horse manure which has gone around the rhubarbs. She also very kindly gave me about 14 strawberry plants which have just gone in and need some mulch around them. I will be doing some more soil conditioning over the next few weeks.

Paul doing some 'muckraking':

And strawberries prior to mulching:

Progress on the build was held up for a couple of weeks by engineering issues again - they have been resolved (for the time being!) so I can get back to some interior welding.

One of the three beams has been welded in position, with the other two (a 'T' bar configuration) awaiting the manufacture of two right angle steel brackets to join them together)

Beam up Scotty:

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