Sunday, 14 February 2016

swims, supports and salad stuff

Had a lovely day on the land yesterday.

Jana came up from Sydney for the weekend and we spent the day at my house site doing very little except enjoying the weather and tranquility.

It was warm (33deg) so we took the opportunity to have along and leisurely swim in the dam. I'm really appreciating having the jetty there now as getting in (running jump!!) and out was much easier - no more muddy feet.

Jana also helped out watering the veggies:

Her reward (6 capsicums,spinach, rhubarb, rocket, beetroot, basil, mint and chives.):

The previous couple of days I spent cutting out strips of container wall and inserting the blue steel supports. These are just beside the large openings such as the 4 big windows at the front of the house, 2 large glass sliding doors and 2 regular doors. Four down and four to go.

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