Tuesday, 15 March 2016

islands in the dream

It might seem premature - but today I collected my kitchen island.

I'd had the idea for one for a while and I finally found one that seemed perfect.

I've learned from experience that when you want something don't wait around for it - get it immediately. For when you do need it then it probably won't be available.

So taking into consideration my general dislike for the ordinary - I went out and bought a 'Sandleford Ultimate Tool Trolley'!!

It measures W:500 H:960 L:1850 (6' long, almost 20" wide and 38" tall)  and is made from stainless steel with a wooden benchtop surface.

Lots of drawers - the thin ones ideal for cutlery/knife drawers - they will even hold  a stack of 3 low profile plates. The centre cupboard with 2 adjustable shelves will be ideal for saucepans etc.

It is not very wide compared to traditional kitchen islands but I did not intend having any services (like sink or stove) in it and quite honestly I don't see it being necessary to have seats around it. If I do in the future I can get a wider top replacement made for it.

I also made a version of it in SketchUp so I could see what it would look like in my house model.

I think it should go very nicely with the semi industrial look of the place.

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